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Women's hair care question

Can some woman out there explain "highlights" to me?

The way it seems to work around here is that you pay $300 to go sit in a chair for three hours while they put stinky stuff on your head, and the measure of a "successful" job is when you can't tell they've done anything.



Well, it's sort of like applying enough make-up to look "natural". I would like an explaination of those people who believe that a little does not go a long way in applying cologne or perfume. Is a half bottle really necessary?

I use Nice 'n' Easy at just six bucks, I am happy with the results. I had highlights once, and I was in the chair for about 4 hours!! I could not believe how long it took her to do it and I came out looking like a tiger. Stripes so obvious!! Never again.

I get them occasionally, takes about 20 minutes, I pay about 10 bucks, and get copious complements from the ladies when i'm done

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