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"24" predictions

Yay! We got through a whole season with no Kim Bauer.

Crap, I thought I had next season all figured out. I was sure it would be an "Executive Orders" kind of thing, in which Jack continued to work his way up through the DoD hierarchy and then, in the wake of a devastating terror attack, found himself assuming the presidency.

Well it may still happen I guess, but it's hard to see how after tonight's ending.

Maybe next season's hero won't be Jack at all, but rather Cisco Systems.


If the premise of the show is on the level, does it show the man going potty? Sleeping for a half-hour on camera?

I mean, really, the premise always seemed asinine that one agent could have such an impact upon his country's fate.

It reminds me of Columbo. That guy solved crimes up the old wazoo and STILL was only a Lieutenant years later.

Think ol' Jack will get some recognition for all he's done: like a desk job?

Actually, he started this season with a desk job. I think he was Undersecretary of Defense or something. But predictably, just when he thought he was out, they pulled him back in.

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