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A question about Bolton

The fact that the man is openly critical of the U.N. is a big plus for me. I don't think he opposes the organization in principle, given how closely he's worked with it in the past and how he clearly plans to do so in the future, but he's certainly been critical. Many liberals, however, interpret this as "despising" the U.N. or hating the very principle of the world body -- just because of his criticisms.

So here's my question. Liberals have free license to criticize this country and rail against its leaders and their policies all day long, but we mustn't dare to question there patriotism! And we certainly mustn't ever, ever question their love for America! For to criticize our country is patriotic, you see.

So why isn't Bolton afforded the same benefit of a doubt? He's critical of U.N. governance in the same way that liberals criticize the U.S. government. Why is it okay to say John Bolton "hates" the U.N.?


I personally have no problems with his being critical of the United Nations, nor do I have a problem with his being a difficult boss. My reasons for opposing the Bolton nomination are best expressed by Senator Dodd, that we do not want a man who has pressured intelligence officers not to do a better job but to back up a determination of his. The United Nations has serious credibility problems and that organization deserves criticism, but you don't send a man with crediblity problems to fix an organization with credibility problems. While there are indeed good men and women who speak in support of Bolton, there are plenty of good people who have questioned his suitablity for this post. In my view, they are not all bureaucratic weenies whose coming forward can be dismissed out of hand. (Indeed, many are Republican appointees.)

I would've questioned Gonzalez and Rice hard, but I would've voted for their confirmation. With the information I have now, I would vote against Bolton. There are plenty of tough minded conservatives with more credibility than he has.

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