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Bolton vote afterthoughts

Yeah, I guess I was more invested in the Bolton nomination than the appointment of a U.N. ambassador generally calls for, but hey, the battle lines were drawn early on this one, as both sides decided to make an issue of it. More importantly, I think Bolton is exactly the kind of delegate we need at the U.N., and I was more than willing for my party to go to the mat for him.

The real question is why liberals were so viscerally opposed to him. Forget the charges that he was a hardass boss, or the ludicrous allegations that he chased some woman through the halls of a hotel. That's all crap, quite honestly. The real reason for their opposition is that Bolton supports Bush's foreign policy and has had the audacity to be openly critical of the United Nations.

God forbid that the American ambassador actually, you know, represent American policy. God forbid the American ambassador refuse to bury his head in the sand and pretend the U.N. isn't corrupt, incompetent, and riddled with embezzlers, rapists, and anti-American, Jew-hating, dictator fetishists. By all means, we can't have someone like that.

For you see, George W. Bush has the very first administration in American history which is expected to appoint officials who oppose his administration's policy. That's right, appointing people who share his vision is bad! (Well, it's okay if you only half-assed kind of share it, in a Colin Powell sort of way, but anything beyond that is strictly déclassé.) For the first time in history, we expect our president to staff his appointments with people who disagree with him.

Well you know what? I'm sorry, but that's just crap, and I'm frankly damn sick of it.


There, I feel better.

By the way, I bought a car last night. It's an SUV, the first I've ever owned. I don't really need one. Maybe I subconsciously bought it just to piss off liberals. Welcome to my current state of mind, I guess.


Well, I actually kind of question how effective someone who has made no bones about how useless he thinks the UN is will be while working within its confines. It's not like he can go in and yell at everyone and they will all genuflect and say, "yes, sir! You're so right, sir!" You know? So, as far I'm concerned, critical of the UN? Fine. Thinks that maybe a hole in the ground at 49th and 1st would be a better use of space? Maybe not so much.

Not a hole in the ground, K, ten fewer floors. Big difference. Please now, be fair. ;-)

An SUV? What are you going to do with that where you guys live? I hate to think what gas prices are up there. Here in TN they have dipped below $2.00 finally.

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