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George Galloway: lying sack of shit

New (to me) blogger Sexion, with the help of the Wayback Machine, busts George Galloway in a series of falsehoods.

I realize it's probably pointless for me to post this, since the world is already divided between those who recognize Galloway as the excrement he is and those who will forgive him any sin or crime simply because he's anti-Bush.

Oh well.


Jeeze Barry, angry? The fact is that everything that happened at the congressional hearing involving George Galloway was a victory for truth. Here is a man who said it as it is. He was right, no matter of what he has done. He was powerful and accurate and (YES!!!) he said what so many of us have been waiting for a leader to say. I cheered him as I watched it live. It's too bad that it had to come from a British politician and not one of our own!

Galloway is all style, no substance. And not only did he not answer the questions posed, he told flat-out lies to the congressional panel.

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