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In other news...

Give them a Nobel Peace Prize already!

Hot off their victory in averting the filibuster showdown, a group of 14 moderate super-senators has now brokered a truce with al Qaeda.

Under the terms of the agreement, America will call off the dogs of war, and al Qaeda will abandon its plans to bomb three of the seven American cities they have vowed to attack (the fate of the four other cities remains unclear.) Moreover, the terrorist group vowed not to plan any new attacks on America, except, of course, in "extraordinary circumstances."

"This is a victory for America," said Arizona Senator John McCain.

"The global community is the real winner here," added Joe Lieberman of Connecticut. "The center has held."

Having solved two major crises in as many days, the Senate "Mod Squad" will now turn its sites on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and global warming.


Too funny.

So I guess you consider Democrats in this country to be terrorists. So, like Saddam and Osama, we must all be rounded up and killed, because, after all, making any kind of compromise on what type of judicial philosophy is confirmed for the federal courts is just like appeasing murderous terrorists.

Have a nice day.

As soon as I saw this post I knew it was only a matter of time before it got some comments like PE's. Utterly predictable.

PE, I've seen your name here before. If you're a regular reader you know damn well that Barry doesn't think Democrats are terrorists. If you read his other posts on this topic it's clear that he's targeting the Senate negotiators in his own party, not the Democrats.

But I think you already knew that. I think you're just being a jerk. At least you acknowledge that Saddam is a terrorist and needs to be rounded up and killed. I agree with you about that part.

That's the comparison that this analogy was making. It was applying the logic of compromise in a domestic disagreement to compromising on issues of national security and, yes, it does put negotiating with Democrats on par with negotiating with al Qaeda.

For all the anger on the right, the Republicans may actually benefit from a little compromise in the Senate. If the Senate had pushed through new filibuster rules, the Democrats may have been pushed by their base to obstruct in other ways. Instead, there now is a center looking for deals instead of delays. If Senate business is conducted with more efficiency, more legislation might be passed, for which the Republicans and the White House can take credit.

If anything, I can see Senators like Graham, McCain, and Lieberman working towards a framework that could lead to a compromise on Social Security.

So, fine. Call me a jerk. However, I see this toning down of the rhetoric and finding a compromise that gets the Senate back to work as a good thing.

Sorry Mark, PE is correct. I have decided that all Democrats are terrorists. In fact I'm dropping a dime on PE right now. He'd better start packin' that bag for Gitmo! ;-)

Just what I thought. :)

So I guess you consider Democrats in this country to be terrorists. So, like Saddam and Osama, we must all be rounded up and killed...

I see you've been reading Jill's blog. ;)

No, I haven't read Jill in some time. Nor have I visited the Democrat Underground.

On the other hand, I've heard more than one respected conservative commentator (seriously) liken John McCain to Neville Chamberlin.

Funny, I thought that Lieberman and McCain have been pretty supportive of the President on Iraq and other National Security issues. I guess, however, once one becomes a lyin' backstabbin' main-stream-media-lovin' traitor..

...respected conservative commentator...


Calm down, PE! >

What McCain did was what McCain feels will work best for him in 2008: score points with his adoring media, undercut Frist - a potential opponent (not in my book but...), and get lots of face time (guess who Today led off with after the compromise?).

McCain is the darling of the media because he is a Republican who loves to vex its leadership and its president. He disappointed them greatly, you will recall, when he endorsed Bush in 2004. They truly were hoping he would back Kerry.

Unfortunately, what the media sycophants fail to grasp is that, among the rank and file GOP, he is not all that popular.

Now before anyone point to the 2000 primaries, I ask you to do a little research first: check out how he did when Dems and independents weren't allowed to vote in the GOP primary.

You may be surprised.

Now when this agreement goes up in flames (as Harry Reid is already indicating), the main stream media will blame...the Republicans and Bush despite the fact that whomever Bush puts forth from here on will have no stronger conservative pedigree than the three promised an up or down vote. That will be overlooked.

McCain gave us McCain-Feingold, perhaps the most nationally ignored law passed since the Volstead Act. Has anybody from his adoring throngs asked him:

a) why he wrote such a piece of crap with loopholes big enough to drive a Humvee through

b) what he plans to do to correct it?


And they will not.

Fine, Mal. Go ahead and trash McCain. For the record, many "rank and file" Democrats can't stand Lieberman, but I like him, despite my differences with him on the war.

I have always found McCain to be quite candid in addressing the problems of McCain-Feingold. Whatever its successes or weaknesses, I feel it was an honest effort to deal with real problems in finance abuse and, yes, it had many successes in addition to where it failed. However, one of the reasons the "media" likes him is that he actually answers questions and I have heard him answer questions where he specifically dealt with the problems of McCain-Feingold.

You may see a blowhard opportunist. I see a man who has been stalwart in his support of Bush on National Security issues, but is willing to see the real challenges when it comes to domestic issues (which includes, for example, recognizing Medicare as a far greater challenge than Social Security.)

I like Senators who are willing to step outside that box. If this compromise could get Senators like Graham and Lieberman to start talking about a deal on Social Security, I see that as a good thing.

Clinton had roughly 60 nominees who didn't receive an "up or down" vote. Bush is probably going to lose close to five. Yes, there will be probably some inconsistency regarding who is confirmed and who isn't, but I doubt there was total consistency regarding the nominees the Republicans shot down. (Clinton tried twice to fill the post for which Priscilla Owens has been confirmed.)

I say, compromise and move on. Go ahead and shoot me, Mal, if you think moderates who admire moderates must be stopped.

BTW, I have said many times that I give McCain no chance to win the Republican nomination. I understand that the Rush Limbaugh conservatives can't stand him and certainly the speech he gave before the Virginia primary concerning religious "extremism" is going to be played again and again if he decides to run again.

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