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Well, that would explain the odors, I guess

No lie. I just received this e-mail from corporate services here at the company I work for (emphasis mine.)

Dear Colleagues,

We have received a numerous calls regarding an unpleasant odor throughout the floors as well as complains about the heat.
We have contacted the building management and taking all possible steps to rectify these problems ASAP.

We apologize for any incontinence and appreciate your patience.

And believe it or not, I work for a publishing company.


What kind of a publishing company you work for? Besides the "incontinence," there's "complains" instead of "complaints" and how about an "are taking all possible steps..." Fire that memo writer!

That's great you made my day.
I know I posted this elsewhere before but it bears repeating:

Barry you're techsavvy enough to build this. I think you've got the perfect opportunity.
If you do nothing else download the audio file he used: http://triggur.org/robodump/robodump.mp3

If you enjoy toilet humor (and who doesn't) you'll be rolling on the floor. I played this entire mp3 on my friends answering machine once.

Gz, I really like the RoboDump, and I am tempted to build one, but I just wonder what might happen should it fall into the hands of the terrorists.

Welcome back, and um. Ew.

I considered building a comment around the old "it depends" joke, but it pales in comparison to robodump.

So how many floors does your building have and it is really unpleasant or pungently interesting?

"a numerous calls"?

If you do build a robodump I have to see it in action. I'm tempted to build one myself.

But you're right we can't let a device like that fall into the hands of terrorists.

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