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Dean gaffes archive

Are you like me? Do you have difficulty keeping track of all of Howard Dean's seemingly endless series gaffes and indiscretions? Of course you do! So do what I did, and bookmark Lily and Vance's very helpful compendium.


I shit all over this right wing site. I shit on it from a great height.

Welcome, Howard.


Well played, CRB.

Howard Dean is a good guy. Have you kept track of George W. Bush gaffes and indiscretions? They are far more than Dean's and you know it.

Actually, I keep track of neither. Bush may have him outnumbered for now, but he's been on the national stage four years longer. At the rate he's going, Dean will soon catch up and surpass him, however.

And I never said Dean wasn't a good guy. Only that he has an extraordinary knack for saying incredibly stupid things.

I disagree with you. I think is very hard for anyone to come close to the number of gaffes of George Bush. Sometimes I wonder whether he knows how to read and write :)

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