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I never thought I'd see this day...

...but apparently PBS is taking steps to remedy its flagrantly liberal bias.

Yes, this was almost certainly a consequence of Congress's threat to remove federal funding. But Congress should by no means relent now. Don't lose sight of the goal, guys. The appropriate level of federal funding for PBS is zero, notwithstanding the bias of the editorial content.


So what does this mean? Cookie Monster pre-emptively invades Oscar's trash can because he believes there may be pecan sandies in there?

Ghaaa! The US taxpayer is forced to fund a television station?!?! Whatever happened to the First Frickin Amendment? My belief in America has been fractured. My God, this blog isn't called Cynical Nation for nothing.

This actually makes the ring-fenced UK TV Licence a better system (!) in that I can successfully avoid paying for the BBC leftoids by not having one (I am a criminal). Except for the BBC World Service, which is direct taxpayer funded via the Foreign Office (it's supposed to promote UK interests abroad but, of course, is just more leftoids).

Shakes head, despairs...

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