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I Really Shouldn't Watch C-SPAN

I just finished watching the minority party once again defeat the nomination of John Bolton to be the UN Ambassador by blocking cloture. That's 30 minutes I will never get back. 30 minutes for 92 Senators to get their fat asses up out of their chairs and walk 10 feet forward to vote Yea or No. And the other 8 apparently couldn't be bothered.

I really shouldn't watch C-SPAN.

Did I mention how one by one they drifted forward, making sure to preen for the camera for a few minutes while pretending to have something more important to discuss with their colleagues? Or how the Senate president looks like a beaten dog? How is it that with a 5 vote majority, the GOP can't get anything meaningful accomplished?

I really shouldn't watch C-SPAN.

It never used to be this way. Abraham Lincoln said that our government is a government "of the people, by the people, for the people". And we believed it. Until we could watch the spectacle for ourselves on cable TV.

I really shouldn't watch C-SPAN.

John Bolton should already be the UN Ambassador. He should already be on the job, speaking the blunt truth and forcing reform on that necessary institution. I hope that President Bush bypasses this nonsense and makes Bolton a recess appointment. That way, when Bolton is successful, not one of those arrogant 100 "public servants" will be able to claim any credit.


Heh, that's what you get, CRB. Watching that stuff will rot your brain.

I agree with you about the recess appointment. It's ironic that Chris Dodd and the very people who are blocking the nomination are the ones warning of dire consequence should Bush proceed with a recess nomination. They say it would "cripple" Bolton in his new job if it was known that he lacked the support of the Senate. But of course Bolton *has* the support of the Senate, which is precisely why Dodd and company won't allow the matter to come to a vote.

John Bolton should had never been nominated for this post. The senators have a moral obligation to block his confirmation. He is the worst possible person for that job. This was another disastrous choice of W.

Why is it that whenever someone says that Bolton is the "worst possible person for the job", they never suggest an alternative.

Keep drinking the kool-aid, Blue.

I'm thinking that you should really try home improvement shows or something, instead, CRB. They're less frustrating than C-SPAN.

CRB, let me suggest an alternative: Republican senator George Voinovich. He would be 100 times better.

Because... ???

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