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I'm back

...although it may take a few days of catching up before I resume full speed. I just got back from North Carolina, where I nearly froze to death for a solid week. Now that I'm back up North, it's like a friggen sauna up here. Geez....


Welcome home, Bazz!

The Yankees are imploding hence life is good!

Living in NC, I'd be curious to know where you froze. Especially considering I melted today.

All right, "froze" was a bit of an exaggeration. But I was on Hatteras island, and for the better part of the week it was rainy, windy, and a bit too chilly to be outside without a jacket. It warmed up on Saturday, of course, the day we were leaving. :-)

So which part of the Tarheel state do you call home?

It was unseasonably cool here last week, but it has been hot as hell with choking humidity this week (Wake and Chatham counties).