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Moonbat meltdown

Quick, without peeking, would anyone care to hazard a guess as to what drove this particular DU poster to the very abyss of despair?

But, you know, right now, I just give the hell up. I give up. There's nothing that's ever going to hold for the Democrats, and for whatever reason, this fuck in the White House is always going to get his way.

So, we might as well just all bend over like every goddamned Democrat in the House and Senate, grab our ankles, and learn to love it. Because that's all we're going to get, and now, with this latest apostasy, perhaps that's all we deserve.

I've gone beyond enraged. I just fucking give up.

Right now, I'm just glad we live not very far from the Pentagon and White House. When the Big One hits us, we'll never even know it, but at least it'll take out these ratbastards of this so-called administration. That's worth my dying for.

Did Congress just vote to make Bush "Dictator for Life?" Did Supreme Court Justices Ginsberg and Breyer just pledge to always vote however Clarence Thomas wants them to? Did the Democratic Caucus in the Senate suddenly say, "You know what? You guys were right about the filibuster! We'll never do it again?"

No, it was none of those. This poster is wallowing in the slough of despond because Dick Durbin grudgingly offered a half-assed apology for likening American soldiers to Nazis and the Khmer Rouge. Evidently that's grievous enough an offense to elicit terminal despair in this poor schlub.

It looks like he's not alone, either. Sadly, that's where a significant portion of the Democratic Party is these days.


What have I said about reading DU?

K, I love ya but you should be aware that 14% of your confreres felt that the comparison to Nazis was accurate.

THAT, my friend, is frightening.

He got it right!

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