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New Gitmo poll

According to a new Rasmussen poll, 20% of Americans think the detainees at Gitmo are treated unfairly, while a total of 70% think they are treated "about right," or "better than they deserve."

This is appalling, people. I am outraged that such a large percentage of our country is so willing to turn its back on all the ideals and principles that made America great. It's truly sickening.

Ah well, at least there's the other 70 percent.


What's worse is that it shows the Dems have attached their cart to the wrong horse...again.

It is amazing to me how my old party of 37 years standing has become so politically tone deaf.

And before any Dems attack that, arguing that they are heroically doing the correct thing in the face of public opinion, I suggest you stop and think about what are the most important things to any politician: getting headlines and getting reelected.

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