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No Black Box Required

Well what do you know, it turns out that there was some vote fraud in the last election afterall:

All five defendants in the vote fraud trial in East St. Louis were convicted by a jury today after five and a half hours of deliberations.

Charles Powell Jr., the head of the city's Democratic Party, three precinct committeemen and an election worker had been accused of buying votes to get prominent Democrats elected in the Nov. 2 election.

Also convicted were Democratic precinct committee members Thomas, 31, and Jesse Lewis, 56, and City Hall worker Yvette Johnson, 46. Kelvin Ellis, the city's former director of regulatory affairs, along with Thomas, Lewis and Johnson also were convicted of one count apiece of election fraud for allegedly paying at least one person to vote -- or offering to do so.

I'm sure the left side of the blogisphere will be all over this, just as they were with the recent Supreme Court ruling on eminent domain.


I see Rove's fingerprints all over this.

Jill tells me it's all Diebold's fault. ;-)

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