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Rhodesia redux?

The Scotsman is reporting that the UK may be in secret talks aimed at taking back Zimbabwe.

BRITISH government diplomats have held secret talks in Zimbabwe aimed at persuading Robert Mugabe to hand over power and return his devastated nation to the Commonwealth, it was claimed last night.

Senior sources in London and Zimbabwe told Scotland on Sunday that the dictator's closest allies have been pressing the British government to relax its stance against Mugabe in advance of an attempted breakthrough in the stalemate at the G8 summit in Scotland this week.

And they claimed that Foreign Office diplomats have already travelled to Zimbabwe to begin clandestine negotiations with representatives of the hated dictator's regime, with a view to returning the nation to the Commonwealth, three years after it was suspended.

Fascinating stuff. And check out this paragraph:

Details of the mounting diplomatic offensive emerged as international opposition to Mugabe's regime reached its highest level for several months - principally over a "slum clearance" programme that has left hundreds of thousands of his poorest citizens homeless.

Perhaps this move could set the precedent for returning the United States to the Crown after the Kelo v. New London ruling.


Barry, Zimbabwe returning to the Commonwealth has nothing to do with Britain "taking back" the country. Despite its historical position as the founder of the Commonwealth lending the UK some extra weight, we are but one of 53 members.


I think you're safe from the Royal prerogative - for now. ;-)

THey're coming from the sea! They're coming over the hills! Goddammit man, this is why we HAVE a second amendment!

*Readies his musket*
King Charles will never take me alive!

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