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The liberal blogosphere, 6/24/05

"I don't CARE what the Supreme Court decided!! That's not what's important right now!! What's important is that Karl Rove said that liberals have 'stinky feet!' And the f*cker must be made to APLOGIZE, goddammit!! Or better yet, resign!!

"I mean, what the hell, just because Howard Dean slanders and vilifies Republicans every five minutes and never apologizes doesn't give Turd Blossom the right to...

"Hey wait a second, what's that bulldozer doing outside my door? What? 'Eminent' what? No I'm sorry, you can't build a combination Starbuck's/sushi bar where my house is, you ugly fascist! I'm still using it. What? What Supreme Court decision? Hey, turn me loose! Do you work for Chimpy McHitlerSmirk? Take those handcuffs off! I swear to God, I'll sue!!..."


You are right on one thing. Howard Dean has said worse.

On the other hand, what Rove said was b******.

I'm sorry everybody in the world isn't today talking about what you believe they should be talking about.

The many sides of PE. ;-)

Karl Rove should resign. What he said is outrageous, nauseating, and offensive to the majority of the country.

(looks at Blue) Are you serious? (Looks at Barry) Is he serious?

Let's demand the resignation of everyone who offends us! Senator Kennedy, I was offended by your little incident...you know the one. Off with you! Senator Byrd, ex-KKK senators who filibustered the Civil Rights Act offend me. Off with you!

While we're at it, the entire Senate and House of Representatives, I'm offended by the way you do things differently than I'd do things. I demand all of your resignations immediately!

Of course and I am serious. Read again carefully what Karl Rove said. Statements like that divide the country and are destructive. He should at least apologize, but he never will. Thats why he should be forced to resign.

Wow. He IS serious.
So since Howard Dean has clearly made many more statements that promote division rather than unity by framing the political competition between Democrats and Republicans as one of good against evil (and you can guess who's on what side, in the good Chairman's esteem), and since he is in a far more prominent position in the Democratic Party than Karl Rove is in the Republican Party, should he not, by your logic, also be forced to apologize for everything he's said that any Republican considers to be "destructive" or that "divides the country"? Or should he be forced to resign?

Please. Unless every high-ranking Democrat can be expected to be nice and polite and unifying, why the hell should there be a double standard for Rove?

> Wow. He IS serious.

Adam, what can I tell ya? Welcome to my world. :-)

Hahaha, and what a world!

Blue, once again the 'evil genius' has snookered the Democrats.

Never once did he mention the word 'Democrats', cleverly choosing the word liberals instead. The fact that he has a sound basis for this such as Move-On's petition, Michael Moore's and Dennis Kucinich's words and divers others all uttered or issued shortly after 9/11 amply support his comments.

I somehow sense that your outrage doesn't extend to Dick Durbin's equating our military's treatment of prisoners of war at Gitmo to be reminiscent of Nazis, Stalin and Pol Pot, am I correct?

Kinda thought so.

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