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Was Max Cleland busy or something?

Some lefty bloggers are all in a dither at this photo of Representative John Conyers attempting to hand-deliver a letter a petition or some damn thing to the president yesterday.

Does this seem familiar? One wonders why they didn't roll Max Cleland back out for delivery boy duty. I guess they figured the spectacle of the White House turning away a black guy would have more impact than some old dude in a wheelchair.

I've got to ask. Have these people never heard of FedEx? Why the need for this staged melodrama? It isn't all that effective. A few hyperpartisan bloggers tried to gin up enough manufactured outrage to dedicate a post to it, but that's about it.

Is anyone actually surprised to learn that the White House doesn't simply let any random, unannounced person wander in off the street to bring stuff in any hour of the day? Of course not. Conyers knew he would get turned away, and would have been pissed off if he hadn't. Staged political melodrama isn't very effective without a martyr, preferably a minority or an ex-soldier with missing limbs.

Oh well, at least when Congressman Conyers is engaged in this kind of theatrical nonsense, it means he's not off hosting anti-Semitic extremists at the DNC, holding idiotic mock impeachment hearings or drafting Koranic desecration laws.


Geezez, give me the opportunity to hand deliver to The President! I am a messenger/courier. I would do it with so much more grace and gusto, too. I wonder if he'd .....uh, I better not.

Brit, I'm sure they would have let you in. ;-)

You are good! People are either not aware (a very good possibility) of the realities of DC shenanigans or they just like the state of ignorance in which they reside. People COULD know about photo op martyrdom, but would just rather not. I enjoy your posts.

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