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It's his thumb, people!

Fer Christ's sake, I can't believe I actually have to post this.

When I first saw this early this morning via Atrios I just laughed. What other appropriate response is there?

But I'll be damned if it isn't being linked on every moonbat site in the world, in addition to being the subject of about fifty threads on the Democratic Underground.

Apparently some people think Bush flipped off reporters before a meeting with Congress yesterday:

It's his thumb, people! For the love of God, It's. His. Thumb.

Look, here's me giving a thumb's-up sign:

Now here's me flipping a bird (aren't cell phone cameras great?):

Shrink these puppies down, and tell me which you think more closely matches Bush's hand in this vidcap.

If you watch the actual video clip here, it shows the whole thing much more clearly than the still, in my opinion.

Honestly, people, this is just embarrassing. In one short year, we've gone from "Bush lied, people died!" to "Ooh! Teacher! Little Georgie made a naughty sign!! Ooh!" Ah well, such is the paucity of substance for many of Bush's critics, I guess.

And speaking of Atrios, this seems to be something of a theme for him of late. This morning he also posted a clip showing Tucker Carlson to be a "potty mouth." Now how's that for irony? Duncan Black calling Tucker Carlson a "potty mouth." I know, I know, it's about the "hypocrisy," right?

It's going to be a looooooong three years and three-and-a-half months.


Amazing how you right wing loons can justify anything. IT'S EXACTLY WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. IT'S A MIDDLE FINGER.

But you're right about one thing. This president has done much worse things than this.

Comedy gold, anonymous. Thanks for the laughs.

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