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Joe Wilson on "Today"

I'd just been wondering where media whore Joe Wilson was these days, and then as if on cue, he shows up on the "Today" show speaking with Jamie Gangel. The transcript is here if you're interested, but I can summarize it for you.

Gangel: Gosh, Mr. Wilson, do you think that Karl Rove should be executed now or later?

Wilson: Well, Jamie, I think he should be executed now, and so does my super-duper-top-double-secret-agent-pinky-swear wife. I talked to her about it on the set of her new Vanity Fair photo shoot.

No questions about Wilson's lies regarding his wife's involvement in getting his job. No questions about Wilson's claim to have seen forged documents eight months before they entered intelligence channels. No questions about why he told the New York Times there was no evidence that Iraq had approached Niger about purchasing uranium when Wilson's own report to the CIA said otherwise.

Nope, Wilson was confronted on none of this. The toughest question he faced was whether he was a Democrat (as if that matters), which he dodged bizarrely by claiming to have contributed to both Gore's and Bush's campaigns in 2000.

And some people still wonder why conservatives mistrust the mainstream media.


Nor will he be asked the tough questions because the MSM wants this to go forward - especially before a grand jury has completed their work.


Because they realize that the grand jury will not do anything along the lines of what they had hoped going in so now they have decided to play judge and jury - with no proof of wrongdoing.

It saddens me how bitter the left and their minions in the media have become to be reduced to fraud such as this.

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