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Liberals more likely to believe in ghosts

"Reality based" indeed.

There's an ideological twist, with 42% of liberals saying they believe in ghosts--but only 25% of conservatives and 35% of moderates saying this.


How many of the respondents believed that a woman could get pregnant without ever having sex?

lol - excellent point!

It's called artificial insemination, Rog!

Wanna gues how many have done exactly that over the last thirty or so years?

I know a few personally as, I am sure, do you.

Artificial insemination is sex, except its with a machine.

(BTW, Bazz, you will be flattered that Im taking time to read this from Japan but I cant find the apostrophe on this damn keyboard.)

I didn't think you were supposed to be back yet! Have an awesome time, and take lots of pictures. :-)

and don't have sex with any machines...any strange machines that is

Dont worry, Ill only stick to the standard pleasure models.

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