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London bombings

In light of today's events, I've decided to shelve the nonsense I'd been planning to post this morning. Doesn't really seem appropriate. And am I the only one who was a bit disheartened this morning to see how anxiously and gleefully both sides of the blogosphere co-opted this outrage as a sounding board for their own political yammerings? Not all, of course, but some.

Look, I know it's a valid subject for policy discussions, but perhaps that can at least wait until they're done sifting through the wreckage, you know? And I'm sure it will only get worse. Perhaps we should take bets on when we'll see the first post alleging that the explosions were engineered by Karl Rove to divert attention from the Plame leak investigation.


After a great day for Londoners, there is this day of pain and suffering.

Prayers to all who lost loved ones today through this cowardly act.

Why is this cowardly because the media said so?
Cowardly is the way liberals react to terrorist.
This act is an ideology of a perverted faith.

Lots of people find the planning and carrying out the death of innocent people who have never seen their attackers face-to-face, with no possible method of defending themselves "cowardly".

What's brave about blowing up strangers on their way to work? The fact that you risk getting caught doing it, but do it anyway? I don't think so.

No, you're not alone in your disappointment about the political angle.

I didn't even bother posting on the bombings today. I don't really have anything to say about it. This was inevitable.

Nothing has changed. What you believed before, you will believe after. The political positions are entrenched. The terrorists are entrenched. The policies of the U.S. and British governments are entrenched, and the war will continue.

What political point is there to make? Let's just pray we win this war. We can't afford to fail.

It's wrong to point fingers at why this happened. Some like to blame GWB and the war in Iraq. The truth is that while the UK's involvement in Iraq may have been a contributing factor it certainly isn't the reason this happened.
The reason is too complex to put down in black and white. If the answer was easy then this would not be the problem that it is. What motivates people to do such a heinous and cowardly thing? We can fight all the wars we want, and conversely we can try to be as understanding of the perspective of those living in the Middle East, but at the end of the day there aren't any guarantees. It only takes a few motivated people to do this.
We can try to understand that motivation and attempt to address it but in the end there will likely always be groups that feel disenfranchised. That's the reason I've never felt that a massive military operation like the current one in Iraq is ever going to solve this. I'm not joining the chorus of those who lay this attack at the feet of GWB and the Iraq war, it's not that simple.
What I am saying is that we need to find a better way to attack these groups. Think of it in terms of gang crime in our cities. The police don't go in with an army of cops. Instead they use undercover operatives to root out the problem - and when force is called for SWAT teams are sent in as a surgical solution. When the body has a tumor you cut it out so it can't continue to grow. The idea is not to kill the body - but to attack the cancer instead.
Enough with the analogies, I'm sure my point is clear. Somehow we need to find a way to direct our military force more effectively. We need to attack the cancer that terrorism is without letting it spread throughout the body.

Yes, what a couple of days it has been. I believe in a balance in life. Ya gotta have the good days with the bad...but did the bad have to happen so soon? But this kind of bad is always too soon.

Even with all the bickering starting up again, I know we ALL feel the sadness of what happened. Then it's anger....then it's....

That was me up there. Sorry, I seem to forget to put me name in. It's pretty cool though in a way cos I can post something without feeling blasted..I could just pretend that however responds to my post with anger is talking to someone else. :D

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