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Ginko Biloba?

No thanks, I'll have a bourbon.

Official: drinking improves thinking

A study of 7,000 people in their early 20s, 40s and 60s found that those who drank within safe limits had better verbal skills, memory and speed of thinking than those at the extremes of the drinking spectrum. The safe consumption level was considered to be 14 to 28 standard drinks a week for a man and seven to 14 for a woman.

Questions ranged from verbal reasoning problems to tests of short-term memory. Surprisingly, perhaps, teetotallers were twice as likely as occasional drinkers to achieve the lowest scores.


Why are you not in a bar?

Someone needs to start getting Santorum really loaded every damn night, like 'abu ghraib'-style.

it's a start.

ok, so, not drinking at all helps too. There are 30% more antioxidants in simple pomegranite juice than there are in wine.

OMG! If I drank 7-14 drinks a week I'd have NO short-term memory and would probably lose a lot of verbal reasoning skills! THAT is a LOT of alcohol!

1-2 drinks/day for women and 2-4 drinks/day for men? Sheesh! As a medical professional, I can tell you we call that ALCOHOLISM... ;-)

Geez, Katie, 2-4 drinks makes you an alkie? Oh well, remember this was an Australian study, after all. Although I have to confess, consumption patterns in my house tend to be a bit Australian at times. ;-)

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