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I hope all my regular commenters on this site stick to their best behavior. It looks like I can be sued for stuff they write!

In a legal case being watched closely by bloggers, an Internet company has sued the owner of a Web log for comments posted to his site by readers.

Traffic-Power.com sued Aaron Wall, who maintains a blog on search engine optimization -- tactics companies use to get themselves to appear higher in searches at Google, Yahoo and elsewhere -- alleging defamation and publication of trade secrets. The suit, filed in a Nevada state court earlier this month, also listed as defendants several unnamed users of the blog.

At issue are statements posted in the comments section of Mr. Wall's blog, SEOBook.com. Many blogs allow readers to post comments, often anonymously, and Mr. Wall's blog included several reader submissions that blasted tools sold by Traffic-Power.com.

Traffic-Power.com said in the suit that confidential information about the company has been published on the blog, and it accused Mr. Wall of publishing "false and defamatory information," but it didn't identify any of the material in question.


So if I start blasting Microsoft the Cynical Nation will be invaded by an army of lawyers?


But you didn't hear it from me.

Y'all better say something about Scientology too just to be on the safe side. ;)

Oh yeah, them. They're baby-eating sodomites, every last one of them.

Their founder even admitted as much to me. Yesterday. In my head. That's grounds enough to believe it, right?

After all, I'm not the one who's going to get sued for saying so.

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