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Half-assed endorsments

This had to be the most half-assed endorsement I've seen since '96, when Jack Kemp gushed on and on ad nauseum about how terrific Steve Forbes was, and then ended with something like "...but I guess you should vote Dole for president... I guess."

Actually, David Dinkins' endorsement of Ferrer for mayor was even worse than that. He essentially admitted that Bloomberg was doing a fine job, but that he was endorsing Ferrer out of a sense of obligation to the Democratic Party.

In a sane town, one might wonder why a candidate would even accept a Dinkins nomination, let alone seek one out. I can't explain it, other than to say that Ferrer is the same candidate who wants to repeal the ID requirement for welfare recipients. This is exactly the kind of indefensible, brain-dead liberalism that has helped guarantee Republican hegemony in recent decades.

For the moment, I'd say Bloomberg's job appears safe. All the less reason for him to be engaging in all the Bush-bashing he's been doing of late, in an effort to shore up his progressive base. I'm warning you, Mike Bloomberg! The Republican Party in New York is a force to be reckoned with! We will not take this lately, and we will see to it that you pay the price for your treachery!!

Ha, just kidding! We don't amount to jack shit, actually.

By the way, while I'm on the topic of the NYC mayoral race, I should point out that Dick Morris is less sanguine than most about Bloomberg's victory.


Anyone who lived in NYC under Dinkins should have no trouble taking his endorsement of Ferrer for what its worth -- not much.

I never for a moment suspected Bloomberg of being an actual Republican, so his Bush-bashing is no surprise to me.

None-the-less, Mayor Mike has been a worthy successor to Rudolfus Magnus, so I will have no problem voting for hizzoner in November.

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