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Liberals and the word "public"

Liberals must adhere to some alternative definition of the word "public" that means, well, "private." I don't know how else to explain either the Kelo decision or NYC mayoral candidate Freddie Ferrer's recent assertion that he'd been educated in "public" shools.

Fernando Ferrer is still doing damage control Wednesday after an error on his website over where he attended school was made public.

Ferrer pulled a statement on his weblog that claimed he was a product of public schools, when he actually attended Catholic School. The error was pointed out by the Bloomberg campaign.

What the hell are these people thinking? Don't they realize you just can't get away with that kind of crap anymore?


Ha! Maybe he's from Britain where public schools are called private schools and private schools are public ('cause they're run by members of the public, not the gov't...it starts to make sense in a warped way...eep)

GG, what a moron.

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