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Miller out

I guess you've heard by now, but Judy Miller is a free woman. After nearly three months in jail, standing up courageously for journalistic principles, she has decided at the last minute to do what she could have already done at any time. She has called her super-secret source (Scooter Libby) and gotten an extra-special-double-for-sure waiver of confidentiality.

So yes, I guess her whole 3-month stint in the slammer was much ado about nothing. I wonder if the New York Times feels jerked around? Why did she voluntarily choose to spend almost her whole summer in jail, only to abandon her stand on principle at the last minute? Were the kids driving her crazy at home?

Presumably Miller will talk to the Grand Jury now, but what will she say? None of us will ever know. Grand Jury proceedings are secret, you know. None of the parties involved would ever violate the law by leaking Grand Jury testimony, right? Never happen. In a million years.