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When even the Kos-heads are starting to get sick of Cindy Sheehan, it's a pretty good sign that about 14 minutes and 59 seconds of her 15 are used up.

When Cindy Sheehan complained about wall-to-wall coverage of "a little wind and a little rain" (i.e., Hurricane Rita) robbing her of media attention, even the Kos Kiddies took offense. Here are some sample quotes.

I'm in Southeast Texas with family on the coast and in Lake Jackson, LA.

I'd like you to tell us it's just a little wind and rain. They've lost their homes, jobs and businesses and gone through fear and panic while you bask in your fan's adulation, party with your celebrity friends and play the star.

Shame on you, you're jealous of media coverage of other's suffering. You've become a caricature and I no longer support you. I'm ashamed I ever did.

You might also realize that the people in a hurricane's wake don't suddenly get happy and whole an hour after the eye passes over. It's still not a little wind and a little rain to them. Do you know they are still very afraid down there - right now, Cindy, trying to find 1,000 people lost in Vermillion as I type..

You can find the story now on CNN's website. I'm very sorry, it's slightly above the story about you - that's just so unfair too isn't it.
Well Joan Baez sang for you today, and you got your smiling-happy picture taken with Jesse Jackson today, and your story is still front page on CNN.com today. So it was a very good day. Yes it was a beautiful day for Cindy wasn't it?

Sorry Cindy, but I must say that the suffering in Texas right now is quite pertinent. In fact, at a time when we have people suffering, left homeless and devastated from "a little wind and a little rain," I think you can take a break from the camera just for a moment.

I have been a staunch supporter of the Anti-War movement, but when you make statements like these, you lose the credibility and support of most rational people.

Peoples lives are being destroyed and in many case ended by Rita and Katrina before it. You of all people should understand this! Every life is important, that has been your argument!

That is damn stupid. The death toll from these hurricanes is still rising, and you really think the Iraq war doesn't get covered? What a selfish woman! I'd be downright ashamed to read anything else you have to say from here on in.

I'm beginning to doubt Cindy Sheehan's veracity. It is about HER not Bush, or his war.


They're finally starting to wake up to Cindy's blame game! Yeah, it only takes 'em about three months before they start to catch on. PaTHETIC!

Heck, I knew she was in for herself and the attention months ago. She'll end up a bag lady.

Erm, I followed all the links back, because if I was gonna post a rant, I wanted all of the little duckies up in a row. But what I wound up at was at Kos' blog where evidently 1) anyone can make up a diary spot and 2) if that rain and wind comment was on there, it's not on there now.

If you have any corroborating links to this that aren't, um, ultimately anonymous internet playgrounds, I'd like to see them. I'm no fan of hers, but I've figured she's got a right to her views.

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