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Cindy Sheehan is planning to crucify herself on the White House fence, or some damn thing, to protest the 2000th American death in Iraq. No, it hasn't happened yet, but it probably will soon, so the moonbats have been doing some advanced planning for their protests, vigils, self-immolations and tailgate suppers. These things don't just come together spontaneously at the last minute, you know.

You do have to wonder what's so inherently special about 2000, though. I mean, isn't the 1972nd (or whatever) death just as important? I thought Cindy Sheehan's whole shtick was based on the premise that all lives are equally sacred.

All well, perhaps it doesn't do to read too much rationality into it.

Meanwhile, William Arkin wonders if there could possibly be a more ineffective anti-war voice than Ms. Sheehan.

When Sheehan first arrived at Crawford, I was taken with her from-the-heart action and seeming political virginity. Then I read an interview Sheehan did with the Counterpunch newsletter and I cringed: 9/11 was America's fault, she says. Terrorists are the invention of the government. We gave Saddam the WMD he used against his own people. The military-industrial complex pushed us into war against Iraq. The administration is driven by "imperialism" and "greed."
It isn't just that her utterances are factually incorrect and simplistic, or that they betray unsophisticated views of the world. And I don't want to make the argument that Sheehan somehow is "unqualified" to engage in a complicated debate.
My problem with Mrs. Sheehan is that as a political voice, she is disempowering, and she has no solutions. In condemning the Bush administration, Sheehan seems utterly uninterested in either their thinking or the possibility that there were genuine and unpremeditated missteps that led us to where we are today. In short, she insists on characterizing the political battle over the Iraq war as merely a battle of good (her and her anti-war forces) versus evil (Bush).


I'd love to see her do that. Her skin is already like old leather, so how would we know when she finally did her self in? Movement?

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