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A less offensive cartoon

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Fitzmas! In the spirit of the holiday, I've decided to reach out and post a less offensive cartoon than the one I did earlier. I know that cartoons by this guy are not offensive, because I've posted them frequently in the past and I've never once been told to go to hell.

Yes, I know that last panel appears to suggest that bin Laden and the Bushies share "common cause," but (*chuckle*) that's just ol' Ted!


Ted Rall once called for the cancelling of the Democratic primaries. When he's not being offensive, he is more often than not just being a dope.

I thought I told you to stop reading him?

When was Bin Laden "right"? When he attacked Bush? Or because he attacked when Bush was President? I am trying to follow Ted's "serio-comic" logic here.

Anyway, my apologies for telling you to go to the hot place. I hope you didn't end up following my advice.

PE, given my work situation of late, I feel like I've already been there for about a week, but your suggestion is not to blame. Anyway, thanks. ;-)

I'm sure Blow Wind is purring with pleasure for your surrender, Barry.

I was just curious to see whether a cartoon implying that Bush and OBL share common cause would ignite as big a firestorm as one that implied peaceniks and insurgents share a goal. So far the answer would appear to be "no."

One difference between the cartoons is that in the Rall cartoon Osama is making a claim by himself while the other cartoon shows a peacenik type partying actively pouring a drink for an Islamist (in a dead soldier's hat no less.) Also you did joke roughly a year ago that Bin Laden's speech was another Kerry endorsement and that "common goals" speculation on your part inspired only four comments.

Had Rall shown Bush pouring a drink into a dead soldier's hat for the smiling Osama.. I think people might've gotten upset.

Well, three of the four comments one year ago were from me, but I don't think the tone of my comments then rose to firestorm level. To be honest, I think it was the detail of the dead soldier's helmet (not hat) that really teed me off about today's cartoon.

I missed the detail of the dead soldier's hat. And I can understand how people could be offended by the cartoon, but... damn, man, I mean... if I popped off like that every time I saw something on a blog that pissed me off... I mean, damn! What's your blood pressure like?

Ok i missed it, was this a Cox and Forkum cartoon that had 'em angry at you Barry?

Yep. ;-)

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