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Angry (liberal) e-mail

Some people bust my chops in the comments section, but for some reason the people who really want to chew me out prefer e-mail. Lately, these have been more conservative readers, who are taking me to task over Tom DeLay or Harriet Miers or whatever.

Today, however, I have about a half-dozen liberals who are appalled by my glib response to Bush's "conversations" with the Almighty.

Look, it's very simple. I'm just not buying the story. So far, the only source we have for this farfetched narrative is Palestinian officials via the BBC. In addition, we have a White House denial.

You can believe the story if you want to, of course. But kindly stop trying to convince me that you "don't want to" believe it, that you wish you were dreaming, etc. Of course you want to believe it. Based on what we know now, it takes force of will to swallow this one.

UPDATE: Now the BBC itself is backing away from the story. I wonder whether retractions will be forthcoming?


Yeah, boy is Jerry Springer having a field day with this one today. "Look we're just like the terrorists!!! taking orders from GOD!" You're sooo right, they've totally convinced themselves that this story from the reliable Palestinians MUST be true. There will be no retractions, are you kidding?

OK, you got me. I want to beleive that he said that so I can dislike him some more.

I actually feel kind of better if the whole thing is apocryphal, though.

He didn't say it which transcripts now prove.

I have had it with the asses who do this.

The idiot should be shot.

Apocryphal?!? Jeez where did you go to school?

I suppose you forgot that Pat Robertson has said the same thing before too. Now we have two sources.

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