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Senator John Corzine just called me.

Okay, I think it was pre-recorded.

I hung up on him.


Ah, I see that you are not the terminally lonely person that the recorded phone calls are aimed at!

It's HOT

It's SENATORIAL SEX CHAT, the beltway sensation that's sweeping the nation! Call and listen as our lewd legislators and pulchritudinous politicos indulge your WILDEST fantasies!

You want interns? We've got your interns!
Barnyard kink? We've all the pork you can handle!
Call now and find out why they really call them "blowhards"!

This year, to hell with voting your conscience or your wallet - VOTE YOUR LIBIDO, 24 hours a day, from the privacy of your own home! Relieve your throbbing caucus!


$3.5 million the first minute, $25 million each additional minute. Must be of voting age to call. Offer not valid in Florida, Iowa, or other disenfranchised states.

I'd been wondering who's been posting all that spam in my comments section...

I tried Ms. Kay Baylie Hutchison, and my genitals sucked up into my body cavity. Texas needs some hotter reps to chat with. HOOTERS '06!!! WOOT!!

Dammit...just realized I coulda fit "SIN-ator" in there somewhere.

Missed opportunities. *sigh*

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