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Don't you wish...

...that conservatives would fight federal spending with the same ferocity they fought the Miers nomination? I know we're making some progress on this front, but I'd like to see much more, much sooner.


I wish they would just fight to be conservatives. Once they got in power they started grabbing the money just like the most liberal Democrat.

If you consider current gas prices as a "tax" along with all the corporate welfare Bush has rammed through, and then look at his spending, Bush is the biggest Tax & Spender of all time.

If you consider current gas prices as a "tax"
...then you probably also think Bush was directly responsible for the hurricanes that caused massive disruption to the gulf coast oil infrastructure.

Well, you'd be wrong.

It was Karl Rove.

Absoultely correct - the current gas prices have NOTHING to do with the current administration. Gas prices rose to over $3/gal back in early September and have come back down to around $2.50/gal, lower in some places, largely because of refinery capacity. The Gulf refineries were battered by Katrina, but have been brought online ahead of schedule by the PRIVATE SECTOR!

The U.S. gubmint does NOT build or operate refineries, nor should it. That's best left to private concerns.

Of course, W could've done as Nixon did with his disastrous and socialistic "Wage & Price Controls," but apparently we've learned from that earlier mistake.

Today oil is under $60/barrel for the first time in over sixty days. New technologies are about to come online that'll make "shale oil" much easier to extract and places like Canada, Mexico the USA & China all have huge shale oil deposits.

I don't think we're going to be getting off fossil fuels for some time to come.

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