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It does beg the question...

All right, by now even Drudge has linked to Michelle Malkin's bit about the demonic, Photoshopped Condi.

Look, I'm not going to ascribe sinister motives to this, but you do have to wonder... what the hell were they thinking? I mean, whatever effect they were aiming for, this surely ain't it. Maybe they just wanted to heighten the contrast in her eyes or something, but don't you think they'd have at least looked at the results and said, "Hey, this looks like shit. It was better before I dorked with it."?!


She looks ugly one way or the other. No major differences.

ooh, snap BW! You go girl!

Nice to see you're not above such high-brow snips, Blue.

I have a Photoshop image related to this. Is there a way to send it?

Rog, those could be honest mistakes.

Paul, you can e-mail me stuff at barry@cynicalnation.com.

honest mistakes huh?

Darn that shoe-lover!!!!

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