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Memo to the president

Mr. President, your party is now in open revolt. It's time to end this fiasco.


It will never happen, as the President's arrogance and stubborness has no bounds. The nomination will have to be put down in the Senate.

Am I the only one not in outrage about this nomination?

Seriously, chill people. Let the lady go through the hearings and then we'll get a better picture of things. It's not like she's already de facto justice, y'know?

In other news, isn't it amazing how no matter how low the president's approval ratings sink, democrats couldn't gain a polital advantage if it walked up to them and gave them a lap dance?

I'm not outraged. It's more like a mute, postapocalyptic stunned silence. Like a guy standing around wondering when the radioactive cannibal zombies are going to arrive...just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Can I get you to promise that there will be radioactive canabalistic zombies? Because I don't want you to go getting my hopes up for nothing.

If there's one thing Hollywood has taught us, it's that the majority of actors are left-wing asshats.

Wait...no. I meant that OTHER thing Hollywood taught us: nuclear holocaust is always followed by shambling hordes of zombies with a sweetbread fixation.

Jeez, 'open revolt' is a little hyperbolic (so unlike the NYT!). Add me to list of people who aren't too suicidal over Miers. Not that it isn't an important story (the nomination), it's just the stories about republican meltdown that are getting the serious eye-rolling going for me.

Miers testified some years ago that she would never become a member of the Federalist Society because she viewed it as a pressure group. When asked if she considered the NAACP to be a pressure group, she said "No."

I think it's time for Ms. Miers to remove herself from consideration.

A female David Souter holds no allure for me.

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