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Merry Fitzmas!

I'm sure you've already heard it by now, but Scooter Libby, the White House's most influential advisor and primary foreign policy architect, has just been indicted on charges of high treason at the very top levels of government, deliberately leaking classified information, and wantonly exposing and endangering a U.S. agent during a time of war.

Oh no, wait. He wasn't indicted for any of that. I guess that didn't happen. Libby was indicted for Bill Clinton/Martha Stewart stuff.

Not that that's not serious! And indeed, I'd like to welcome all our liberal readers into finally regarding perjury as a serious crime. Better late than never, right? Unlike our 42nd president, however, it would appear that Mr. Scooter has the good sense and decency to resign.

This is all significant stuff, no doubt. Still, I'm sure there are many kiddies out there who are disappointed not to find a pony or a shiny new Rove indictment under the Fitzmas tree.

Well, to them I would just like to say the following: Let's please not lose sight of the true meaning of Fitzmas. With all the emphasis on indictments and criminal charges, I fear the holiday's true importance gets lost in the media sensationalism.

Even though you may be disappointed now, I want to you to take a moment tonight, as we all sit with our families to carve the roast beast, to pause and reflect on why we celebrate Fitzmas in the first place. Sure, special prosecutors and reindeer can be fun, but the real meaning is in our hearts. Please don't forget that.

Merry Fitzmas, everybody.

And God bless us. God bless us, every one.


Sometimes people are prosecuted for crimes viewed as technicalities because they are related to the broader more aggregious crimes they have committed.

For example Al Capone was prosecuted for tax evasion. Do I believe Scooter Libby is on par with Capone? Nope - but clearly there are precedents.

As to the Martha Stewart defense she got off rather lightly, her former boyfriend and founder of ImClone Systems Samuel D. Waksal got 7 years in the pen. Everyone likes to cite the Martha Stewart case all the time - but the fact is she committed a crime.

People are charged with lesser crimes all the time because the prosecutor can't convict on the greater crime. We don't seem to have a problem with that if the crime involves assaault/drugs/theft/etc. why is it so different for white collar crime?

I'd like to welcome all our liberal readers into finally regarding perjury as a serious crime. Better late than never, right?

OK, indictments that are that serious, poor nomination for judge withdrawn. That aside what about what is going on the House/Senate conference committee? Mr. Cheny is lobbying for amendment to be dropped?! I canít believe it.

The House and the Senate are trying to decide whether we should continue to torture people or leave bad enough alone. The thought of holding the people who ordered and condoned these actions accountable hasn't even crossed anyone's mind yet.

How can this administration argue that it was a few rogue soldiers who committed the abuses at Abu Ghraib (and all of the other prisons all over Iraq and Afghanistan), when they are arguing for the right to treat detainees with "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment" right now?

These are the people who said they were going to bring dignity and morality back into the White House. I know a lot of people voted for this President because they thought he is a good Christian, just like them. Let me ask you, is this what Christianity is all about? Do good Christians argue for cruelty, degradation and inhumanity?

Either Christianity is twisted or Bush has twisted Christianity. Either way, if you claim to be a moral person proud of being a Christian, stand up against this barbarity or never speak of morality again.

This is not some long past error that is too late to correct. The final vote on this bill still hasn't taken place. We can make a difference. We can stand up for the real America.

Or we can admit to ourselves that we have become a country of cruel and degrading inhumanity -- a country of torturers. Jesus, what have we become?

I don't know if Libby is guilty of the charges against him -- I'll leave that to a jury -- but the indictments appear to be well founded, and Libby needs to answer to the allegations.

If he's found guilty, He should pay a penalty. I wouldn't want to see him rot in jail for 30 years, but a few years in a federal country club should get the point across.

I don't think it's particularly unChristianlike to get all cruel and inhumane on people who like to annhililate children, teachers, police, politicians, Jews, me, and you (and our pets too!). It is a very tough call, but i'm not worried about my soul.

Well, it looks like not everyone got what was on their WISH lists for Fitzmas!! bummer....

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