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More inanity at the Beeb

You thought they were just biased? How about scientifically illiterate as well?

Shenzhou VI is in a low enough orbit to be affected by the Earth's gravitational pull.

(HT: Derb)


Well in fairness, we had to learn some of this stuff the hard way, too.

And besides, they're still years ahead of us in the critical moo goo gai pan race.

One might expect that the intellectual elite of the country that gave the world Isaac Newton and his seminal formula defining the force of gravity would know a little more about how gravity works!

Even someone who didn't know that gravity diminishes as the square of the distance between the centers of any two masses should have noticed that the Moon is held firmly in the Earth's gravitational pull. And the Moon is (*ahem*) a good bit further out then the orbit of Shenzhou VI.

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