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Next SCOTUS pick

Are the rumors true? That it's going to be either Luttig or Alito? TradeSports seems to be buying it.

Neither of these would be my fantasy pick, but they both seem like reasonable choices based on what little I know.

David Kopel tries to read the Second Amendment tea leaves for these candidates and others. It's hard to infer much from how little information he has, but I don't see anything here that should unduly spook the gun rights crowd.

UPDATE: D'oh! In a pre-edited version of this post I referred to Alito as "Hispanic." He's not, of course. I was thinking "Garza" for some reason.


Hey I mean like Jeez: first we're told that the whole yellow cake uranium Saddam dossier was cooked in Italy by Berlusconi and his highly imaginative friends at the PR, Propaganda & Public Truth Department of the Israeli embassy in Rome...

And now it's a guy named SCOOTER who's indicted for being the mastermind of the whole Neocon cabalist column within the White House!!

Before we go looking for Scooter's replacement, it's high time we sue Vespa Motors Co. if you want my opinion!


Eternally Yours in Liberty,

Dr Victorino de la Vega
Chair of the Thomas More Center for Middle East Studies

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