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Programming note

I'm going to spending the next three days at a conference (gag), so expect blogging to be light to non-existent during this time.

Meanwhile, here is a picture of a fine beer from Maine that I recently sampled. Note the attractive, psychedelic label. It's called "420 IPA." Supposedly, the name derives from the fact that they tried 419 other batches before finally getting it right.

I'm skeptical.


Hey, in Atlanta, we've got the best Microbre called Sweetwater Ale and they've had a PaleAle on the market for years with the name 420, and it is my favorite. It really is the bomb, and these blokes are copyin it. Why do so many microbrew companies reference marijuana culture? They do go well together however!

Suuuuure..420 has NOTHING to do with catching a buzz.

This is the original 420 thoes good folks in Atlanta have paid me to license the name to them in the dixie states.

cheers to all 420 beer

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