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So what does one do about squirrels? I've always liked them in the past, but now they're digging up my damn yard. The holes are bigger and more noticeable than one would think. At first I blamed them on Zora, our black lab, but then I busted one of the little bastards in the act. I send Zora out after them, but she just tries to play with them, and the squirrels are so unintimidated! Maybe it's time to see if I can find that Daisy BB gun down in the basement....


Just one of the many joys of home ownership. But if you think it's bad now just wait until Spring. They won't remember where they buried the acorns (the holes they are now digging) and in Spring will dig even more holes looking for them.

The only solution is to cut down all your trees. Probably should cut down all your neighbors trees too, just to be sure. ;-)

BTW, if you think squirrels are bad, you should see what a couple of rabbits can do to your lawn.

My wife is convinced that squirrels are evil. Not just passively malicious, but actively malevolent.

I'm not sure what convinced her of that, something to do with how they used to sit at the back window of her mom's house and stare at her. Which, to her defense, I've seen them do, and it's vaguely creepy.

My suggestion that she wouldn't attract squirrels if she didn't act like a damn nut didn't win me any favors.

I might agree with your wife, apothesis. They also like apricots. We discovered this when we left one morning with a tree full of fruit and came home that afternoon to discover that the little bandits had stripped the entire tree. :P

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