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Still here

Well, our flight was rained out. I looked at the satellite map today just to get an idea of what kind of flight we'd have. The whole country looked clear as a bell, except for one tiny green splotch right over New York. What's up with that? Has the green splotch sat perfectly still for 8 days? Has it been shrinking? How can this be? How can it rain for so long in one place and nowhere else.

Anyway, I guess we'll be leaving in the morning.

I guess.


Uh! The rain in Lodi, stays mainly on the roads. By Georgie Boy!, I really got it! I got stuck almost in thigh high floods in my car. I got home around midnight on Thursday night ( Walden, NY)

First time I have really complained about the rain....

Hope you make it to Alybamy tomorra, Barry. Safe flight and have a good one!

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