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Every now and then, you win one. And I've had a rough week job-wise, so believe me, any good news this morning was more than welcome.

I can't help but celebrate Miers' withdrawal, but I do feel a tinge of ghoulish guilt in so doing. I'm sure she's probably a decent lady, who neither asked for nor deserved any of the public humiliation she's endured since her nomination.

Still, I place the blame for that squarely on the White House, which sent an unqualified nominee to the slaughter. Well, if it's any consolation, the public has an incredibly short memory span for such things. In another few months, she'll blissfully have joined Doug Ginsburg in the Land of Quickly-Forgotten Withdrawn Nominees.

Now I guess it's time to re-open speculation for the next pick!


Never doubt the featherless one again!

She could have refused the nomination to begin with, knowing that she was not really qualified for such a position. I kinda had the feeling she was party responsible for her own nomination, because she apparently was on some kind of group that helped Bush find Rogers. Then SHE gets nominated??? Not a coincidence, I think.

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