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The Ritter vs. Ritter debate

It's better than Galloway vs. Hitchens! And Tim Blair has it.

Scott Ritter last month:
[T]he whole world knew [in 1995] ... that Iraq represented a threat to no one when it came to weapons of mass destruction.

Scott Ritter in 2002:
I have never given Iraq a clean bill of health! Never! Never!
Scott Ritter in 1999:
No matter how difficult stopping Saddam Hussein is today, it will become more and more difficult, and extract a higher and higher price, the longer he is left to rebuild his arsenal.

Scott Ritter last month:
I'm a big proponent of bringing the troops home as soon as possible.

Scott Ritter in 1999:
[Iraq] sooner or later will have to be confronted by American military might.

Scott Ritter last month:
[I]f we wanted to get rid of Saddam Hussein, then we should have had a debate, discussion, and dialogue about the real reasons and not make up some artificial WMD.
Scott Ritter last month:
[B]y 1995 there were no more weapons in Iraq, there were no more documents in Iraq, there was no more production capability in Iraq because we were monitoring the totality of Iraq's industrial infrastructure with the most technologically advanced, the most intrusive arms control regime in the history of arms control.

Scott Ritter in 1999 (extract from Ritter's Endgame):
In 1995 Unit 2001 conducted tests on live human subjects taken from the Abu Ghraib prison, using BW and binary CW agent. Around fifty prisoners were chosen for these experiments, which took place at a remote testing ground in western Iraq. The purpose of these experiments was to test the toxicity of available agent to ensure that the biological agent remained viable. As a result, all the prisoners died.

There's much more. Go read all of it.


There isn't room here to respond with the far more bald-faced lies which are nothing short of Acts of Treason by your daddy, George W. Bush.

There are entire web sites devoted to his lies:

Well, if someone went to all the trouble to make an ENTIRE WEBSITE on the subject, then it'd be downright impolite of me to think it possible for anything they said might fall short of the truth.

I mean, an entire web site. Like, all of one. Not just part.

I saw this entire website on how contrails were actually the government spraying chemicals into the air in patterns designed to deflect UFOs.

I haven't unloaded my shotgun since. Damn UFOs.

Bush is looking for Osama about as hard as O.J. is looking for the "Real Killers" -- ahahaha.

The Iraq War was planned long before 9-11. Stop acting like dopey little kids, sucking on Rush Limbaugh's fat teats. Bush is a criminal. I know that reality is harsh, but Bush is a liar, a criminal, and a traitor.

Yeah whatever, quit trying to steer the topic away from the UFOs.

Amen. And I have seen entire webistes devoted to vampires AND zombies. AT THE SAME TIME!!! Also, there's one (www.alphadog.tk) that is entirely devoted to a single man's perspective of a real-time zombie apocalypse. AND NOBODY EVEN TOLD ME THE WORLD HAD ENDED!! OOOH, CRUEL FATE!!!

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