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The smoking gun

All right, if I had any lingering doubt that Harriet Miers is the worst Supreme Court pick since Abe Fortas, that doubt has now officially been laid to rest:

Bush Supreme Court Nominee Former Microsoft Lawyer


I wonder what it feels like to help Microsoft further bludgen the pocketbooks of America? Oh, well, at least Bill Gates is somewhat of a philanthropist.

I read somewhere that Miers has given some money to a pro-life organization. To me, that is even more worrisome. Plus the fact that she hasn't been a judge before.

Bill Gates has donated several billion dollars to charity, and will do so with the rest when he dies, leaving his children 9 million each. He's more than a little philanthropic. But still, I freaking hate this woman. She reminds me of that one old teacher you have that tries to have a sense of humor, but when she does, they always come out as jokes about puppies being baby dogs, and when you tell a perfectly hilarious Hellen Keller joke, you get sent to the office for being Satanic, or some such...

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