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Unauthorized reproduction?

When I first saw this story linked on Jeff's site, I figured an "Unauthorized Reproduction" bill was probably some intellectual property BS designed to keep people from copying DVDs.

I wish I'd been right.


I repeat: the hell is wrong with people?!

JESUS TITS, WHAT THE HELL??!? Ok, that's it. We are now gonna draft a smart bill. Any retard congesssperson seen by anyone shall be immediately bitchslapped to death.

That's your party, Barry! Reagan used to say that he didn't leave the Democratic party; the Democratic Party left him. Same goes for me and the GOP. Taken over by fanatics.

Just a thought from an occasional visitor ...

draft text URL

If you drill down to the text, two things stand out immediately ...

1) Putative page 19 "(I) Personality description, including the strengths and weaknesses of each intended parent." - this will fly *how* ???

and, more importantly ...

2) *Who* are the proud sponsors of this text ? It seems to be on an official governmental site, and yet somehow it manages to avoid having this information highly visibly attached where the author(s) can claim credit ...

That latter point reminds me of the fuss about the Federal Bill introduced to reintroduce the Draft, and how "It's all a Republican plot", except that the Bill was introduced by and sponsored by Democrats only.

Ya gotta work on that cynicisn, folks, or they're gonna revoke yer "Cynical" Triangle ! And the "Gullible Nation blog" doesn't sound nearly as good, now, does it ?

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