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Alito's record

Drudge has two links up that really underscore the difficulty the Left will have branding Alito as a right-wing extremist, not that they won't try.

The first contains a lot of information I've discussed previously, but observes that Alito has ruled on the "pro-choice" side in three out of four abortion-related cases. Now I really don't like the idea of viewing judicial opinions through such a narrow prism, but the point is that Planned Parenthood, NOW, NARAL and the other usual suspects are going to have a tough row to hoe in getting their fear-mongering tactics to gain traction here.

The other piece highlights some of Alito's very early writing, in which he came down on the "liberal" side of several hot-button issues, including gay rights, privacy, and sodomy laws.

I know it would be a mistake to read too much into these two articles. Nevertheless, if I'd predicted a month ago that Bush would appoint a nominee with this kind of track record, people would have told me I was delusional.

My honest advice? All the liberals who are wringing their hands over this guy need to count their blessings, ask their senators to confirm the guy, and shut up.


so then how can a guy like you, who was sporting such a hard-on last week for a far-righty like Janice Rogers Brown, be so contented with this choice if Alito has sided on the pro-choice end of things and written papers against discrimination in hiring gays and for privacy when it comes to what adults do in their bedrooms?

The fact that I'm pro-choice helps. I had a woody for JRB because she's the only candidate from the short list that I would unhesitatingly call a "libertarian."

Alito is a great choice.

Bush is still a liar and a traitor.

Except the liberals really don't care all that much about abortion and gay rights.

The real issue, and the one they never are willing to say out loud, is the Commerce Clause. And that's why they fear Alito the most, because he would actually limit the power of the federal government.

Liberals' professed affinity for liberty on the few issues they favor liberty over regulation and control are a front. Just a tactic to get the votes they need from a few interest groups to pass their command and control agenda.

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