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Birthday reflections

I tend to treat birthdays as personal New Years -- a time to take stock of the year that just passed and to set goals and plans for the one to come. I don't mind getting older so long as I feel that I've made sufficient progress during the preceding year.

I was prepared for a downer of a birthday this year, since I hadn't accomplished as much in terms of the "big" goals (career, writing, etc.) as I had the previous year. But this morning, my wife asked me what my favorite memory of my last year had been. I started thinking about the good times, and I realized they were too numerous to list them all, let alone pick a favorite.

So it's going to be a great birthday after all. I'll try to accomplish more in the year to come, but meanwhile, I'm going to settle back and enjoy being one of those ages that people write songs about.


I was expecting "When I'm Sixty Four"

Or "Ninety Nine Red Balloons".

Happy Birthday

I must admit that I half expected the Beatles song as well, though I'm sure it's only because it was the first song about being a specific age that came to mind, and has nothing to do with you. :D

Happy Birthday, Barry. Hope it was a great one.

happy b-day. you and RFK. mine was last week, fellow devious, secretive Scorpio.
I'm sure your favorite memory of the past year must have been Bush's re-election, right?

Uh, that was actually not in my previous year, but the one before that -- barely. Nice way to dodge that question, right? Anyway, happy belated, fellow Scorpio. That explains a lot.

Happy belated birthday, Barry.

Hey Bazz!! Hope you had a good one. I'm a fellow (except I'm a girl) Scorpio too!!! I had my BD on Nov. 8th :)

For your birthday, I didn't post.

That was me, of course.

Happy birthday, my good friend!

Happy Birthday, Barry. My 40th was on the 16th, so I'm feeling kinda old...

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