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It's not often...

...that I agree with the editorial views of the Village Voice. But when they get one right, they get it right. I wholeheartedly agree with their endorsement of Cindy Sheehan for president. Now where can I send money to ensure that this actually happens?


You mean this Cindy Sheehan?

Unidentified foreign reporter, one of two or three in the room, said, "Big news in Washington today as the grand jury is finally reaching the conclusion in its term of the Wilson affair. I was wondering how you analyze Dick Cheney's role in it."

Sheehan: I haven't -- I've been really busy so I haven't got to like analyze a lot of things but I believe that the corruption goes all the way to the top, and that this is encouraging to me because I believe the investigations are going to continue, especially after the indictments, and that's all that we've been asking for for a long time. These indictments I think are wonderful to be able to actually to expose the lies, expose these people for what they are.

Sheehan: There's several major actions coming up. On November 2nd it's national -- help me -- help me out here. It's (laughing). Drive Out the Bush Regime, the World Can't Wait. It's a national day of -- I can't think this morning. It's a national day of... strikes. Strikes and rallies and vigils.

Sheehan: The first anniversary of the last election, and that's going to -- and there's hundreds of events all over the country.

The Italian news agency reporter, Marco Bardazzi, says, "I want an update on your legal situation. How many times have you been arrested and what kind of legal problems do you face now? And second, are you concerned by the fact that it seems that you have much, much less media coverage now than in the past few weeks?"

Sheehan: I don't ever want the media coverage to be on me. I've only focused -- I've only wanted to focus on being on the Iraq war, and I believe that the media in our country really also abrogated their responsibility to be checks and balances on our government, that our media sometimes only reports the press releases they get from the White House and they don't do any investigative reporting. They don't ask the hard questions.

Maybe we should start a Republicans for Sheehan campaign, Barry!

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