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More inequity in France

Hey, it's been a tough year all around, but recent weeks have proven especially injurious to one of the American left's most cherished and enduring notions -- the myth of France as egalitarian utopia.

The latest indignity to befall our more enlightened brethren across the Atlantic is the freezing deaths of the city's homeless.

Still, sacred cows die hard, and this is probably not a fatal blow. A way will be found to blame Bush for even this (probably involving Kyoto and global... er... "warming..." or something) and then the liberals can all heave a collective sigh of relief and Paul Krugman can pen yet another op-ed piece about the inherent superiority of the French social system and all will once again be right with the universe.


yes i'm awaiting Krugman's korrections to that article that hasn't been written yet, too. Surely the NYT will post it somewhere on the pay-only section of their website. Ferret (Ad-hommy sorry)

Ah, here Barry and I can happily agree for once.

France really is a perfect example of Liberalism Gone Wild. Instead of blaming the little criminal fuckers torching cars, they bash those who call for correct action (blowing their heads off). The President wrings his hands over politically incorrect thought while his country burns out of control.

Truly sickening. I must admit that I would choose to live under Bush and his criminal gang of corporate cronies before the humiliation of living under the French white-flag waving system of government.

"I must admit that I would choose to live under Bush and his criminal gang of corporate cronies before the humiliation of living under the French white-flag waving system of government." (BH)

Well, at least that's a start.

You can detest GW Bush over his tax cuts (I'd say, not deep enough), you can even knock him on the border issue (both sides have naively ignored this problem for decades) and you can disagree over Iraq (just as you would apparently have over Lincoln's fighting to preserve the Union), BUT BOTH Parties engage in rampant corruption, nepotism and cronyism and the fact is, if anything, IT WAS WORSE EARLIER ON in our history.

Tammany Hall ran New York like its own private fiefdom and NY, NJ & Conn State & Local politics (almost uniformly Democratic, at this point) are still among the most corrupt in the nation.

The Clinton administration loosened IPO rules and changed a few rules at the SEC and presto! The Tech Bubble was born and when all the pigeons (small investors, when every waiter, waitress and shoe-shine kid was tuned into CNBC, the rules were tightened and goodbye Tech Bubble - March of 2000, the start of what well may have been a second Depression, as it was followed in short order by the Dow's collapse and then the Arthur Anderson scandals (Enron, Adelphia, etc) and, of course, 9/11/01.

That administration also took us into another "UN opposed," and "unprovoked" war in the Balkans. We jumped in on the side of the Albanian Muslims, who were, in fact, the aggressors in that conflict and the first to engage in genocide. We jumped in on the "wrong side," because we had "over-riding economic interests at stake - the Albanian oil pipeline.

In short, EVERY administration curries favor with various "Corporate cronies" and engages in nepotism, cronyism and outright corruption...that's what we call "politics" in America.

I agree. Bush is corrupt.

"I agree. Bush is corrupt." (BH)

So, you hate him for THAT?!

He's a typical American politician.

LBJ engineeered America into Vietnam with the phoney Gulf of Tonkin attacks, Woodrow Wilson engineered our entry into WW I with the outright lie of claiming the Lusitania wasn't transporting munitions to England (it's been since shown that it was doing precisely that) and Clinton took us into a "UN opposed," and "unprovoked" war in the Balkans on the side of the Albanian Muslims who were, in fact, the agressors in that conflict and the first to use genocide.

Look, we survived all that quite nicely and in fact, profitted quite tidily from much of it and we'll do the same here.

I wish it weren't so, but I'm certain that 100 years, even 500 years from now, American politics will be just as corrupt.

Politics ISN'T about votes or voters, it's rightly about currying favor with the monied interests...and it will always be that way in ANY democracy.

I agree that Bush sucks, just like the Clintons and other Democrats.

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