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My hero

Heh. Jon Corzine supposedly "lives" in Hoboken. Problem is, Hoboken's a small town, and I've spent all day every day there for the past three years, and I've never once seen the fucker. My guess is he spends most of his time schmoozing with lobbyists in our nation's capital.

But there's nothing like a looming election to flush the politicians out of their hidey holes, right? Tonight, a friend of mine whom I'll call "Dave" actually met Corzine, lonely and alone on Election Eve, shaking hands with commuters in front of the PATH station.

"Can I shake your hand?" Corzine asked, palm extended.

"No thanks, I think I'll pass," Dave replied.

Dave is my new hero.


It's a shame that NJ has been so rife with governmental corruption, though NY and Conn are not much better on that score, in fact, of late, NY's State Legislature has had far more sexual escapades than any of its neighbors, including the ongoing saga of Sheldon Silver's Legal Aide (Michael Boxley) charged with date rape by a number of women.

Still, I hope that NJ gets it right this time. I'd have preferred Schundler, but Forrester seems the clear choice over Corzine.

A missed "stinkpalm" opportunity is no reason to celebrate.

Is it possible that "Dave" is not a fan of Democrats in general? This could explain his lack of enthusiasm.

...JMK woiuld have preferred Schundler. Wow. I can't stand Forrester, and I still prefer him to Schundler.

Like Barry keeps reminding people, I hope all you New Jersey residents who read this blog and support Forrester remember to vote on Wednesday.

"...JMK woiuld have preferred Schundler. Wow. I can't stand Forrester, and I still prefer him to Schundler..." (OTTami)

Yeah, I'd prefer "the miracle worker" of Jersey City, the guy who almost single-handedly turned Jersey City from a a veritable slum into "Yuppieville on the Hudson."

I like what they did to Jersey City and Hoboken.

Those (generally yuppy) people who ask silly questions like, "Well, where did all the poor people go?"

I'd venture a guess, "Who knows? Probably back to Newark and Patterson. All I know was that it was about time they gentrified that waterfront."

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