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The secret of a great politician

Everyone knows the secret to being a successful politician is ti... ti-MING... TI-ming... timing.

Okay, it's an old Steve Martin joke that was never that funny to begin with, and falls even flatter in written form. But still, he's got a point, and you gotta feel a bit sorry for this guy.

The last time I remember Al Gore making a serious policy statement on global warming, it was up here in New York, and it was about a kajillion degrees below zero, if I remember correctly -- metric. I remember my teeth were chattering on my way to work that day and my family jewels were hiding so far up near my tonsils that I wondered if I'd ever see them again.

Now his latest statement on the topic, in which he opines that global warming is a greater threat than terrorism, appears right on the heels of a horrifying suicide bombing that claimed 57 lives... in Jordan -- a target that isn't easily explicable by the conventional wisdom of either left or right. The death toll would have surely been much higher but for the fact that one of the suicide bombers failed to detonate properly.

That's astonishing, isn't it? Now pause for just a moment to reflect on how close Al Gore came to being our president on 9/11. Honestly, when Bush was running against Gore in 2000, I really didn't give a shit who won at the time. It's a good thing I didn't know then what I know now. If I had, I probably would have required Xanax to survive 32 days of the recount fiasco.


I don't care what he says; AAG wants the Oval Office. He'll be back.

Wow! Imagine how *terrible* it might have turned out if Bush & Cheney hadn't been there to transfer hundreds of billions of dollars from the middle class to their wealthy friends!

I bet stupid ol' Gore wouldn't have even thought to invade Iraq as part of the War on Terrorism.

He probably would have been dumb enough to keep some troops in Afganistan and find Bin Laden.

OJ is looking for the REAL KILLERS!

Bush is looking for BIN LADEN!

Really? Which troops were taken out of Afghanistan? Please be specific...I don't mean names of individual soldiers. Just the specific units that were removed from Afganistan. Can you identify those units for us?

Oddly enough, the DoD believes that there were 19,500 U.S. troops deployed in Afghanistan as of June 30, 2005. Stranger still, that's about the same number of troops in Afghanistan in March 2002, one year before the invasion of Iraq...oh, and, um... just about the same number as March 2003, the month in which Iraq was invaded.

Typical of a Neocon, you are simply lying.

Only 8,500 troops are deployed in Afganistan. We have 38,160 in Kuwait.

Thanks for proving my point, we've gone from 19,500 to 8,500 while Bush creates a good climate for his cronies to steal using the blood of soldiers.

Gore is right:

Bush BETRAYED this country.

Now we have to make sure Bush, the people in his Administration, and his supporters pay the price.

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I am having a hard time seeing the results from all of the years of liberals running America. Liberals think that everything that happens to them is someone elses fault, rather than examine how THEY can fix their OWN problems and enact some change they prefer to complain about how everything is and how someone else tries to fix it. Quit giving birth to children if you cannot pay your own bills. For a bunch of people that consider Darwin your equivalent to god you sure dont follow his teachings. Why is survival of the fittest ok for animals but humans are getting weaker and weaker due to the fact that we keep dragging around the elements of our race that will not help themselves and we pay for them to reproduce and eat and go to the doctor. I am not saying that we should not help people occassionally but we are doing far more than helping we are crippling a whole lot of people into thinking they cannot do for themselves. Oh yeah al gore is an idiot the earth has been cold before and hot before and I hate to have to tell you this but if an asteroid hits earth it will not be a rich persons fault because he has a hummer.

fuck you all

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